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Eating and Drinking in Netherlands

Netherlands Restaurants Guides

Traditional Dutch cuisine is strongly influence by the various regions of the Netherlands. Most dishes are vegetable-based, with an extremely high ratio of vegetables to meat.

Restaurants in the Netherlands have evolved greatly in recent years, with the introduction of many superb establishments in the major cities and towns of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Maastricht and Eindhoven.

Amsterdam is a particularly vibrant and popular city, being visited each year by thousands of tourists. As a result, restaurants and cafés here are diverse, ranging from pizzerias and Mexican eateries, to fast-food outlets and pub-like restaurants known as 'eetcafés'. Amsterdam is home to more than 1,000 cafés and bars, which are known locally as 'kroeg', together with plethora of coffee shops, sandwich shops and bakeries.

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Eating and Dining in Netherlands - Restaurants Guide

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